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RICHARD GROSSMAN As noted on the previous page, Richard passed away in 1992 from lung cancer at the age of 54. The following comes from notes published by the record company that released one of his later musical works (pictured at left):


"After 1978, Richard lived in Los Angeles, playing concerts of solo piano improvisation, and also working in duo, trio and quartet settings with Vinny Golia, Alex Cline, Ken Filiano, John Carter and many other artists on the Nine Winds Records label. He was featured in several live radio concerts on stations KPFK and KCRW, and gave workshop-lectures and concerts at UCLA, Westmont, and Santa Monica Colleges. He was on the faculty at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, teaching jazz and improvised music and producing concerts." 


Richard Meltzer wrote a thoughtful tribute in LA Weekly that adds some insightful perspective on Richard’s talent and accomplishments that you can read HERE.


Some of Richard’s later work is available online. Look HERE.

DOTTIE GROSSMAN Sad news arrived in early May, 2012, that Dottie passed away. She had been living in LA, and enjoying some notoriety as a poet. She often performed live with Michael Vlatkovich, a trombonist who improvised short musical pieces alternating with Dottie’s poetry readings in a “Call and Response” format.


She released a CD you can learn more about HERE.


There are even videos of her performances on YouTube that you can see HERE.


And there is an interesting interview with Dottie that was published in Poetry Magazine that you can see HERE.

JIMMY HAYNE returned from London after things there didn’t work out. There was a brief collaboration when he and Bill Koepnick were recording Jimmy’s songs while Bill was working at Wizard Recording Studios around 1980.


He spent three years with blues and soul legend Etta James; opening for the Stones, playing the Monterey Jazz Festival, and gigging with the Meters and the Blues Brothers Band. In the early 90's, he joined Little Caesar, going by the name “Apache” and contributed guitars and slide guitars to Caesar releases on both the Metal Blade and Geffen labels. Apache can be reached at:

I'm In Love
I Can't Cry Anymore

These two songs stand out, and were shopped to some A&R guys. Sadly, no takers.

BILL KOEPNICK returned to Different Fur in 1979 to intern as an assistant engineer, and then moved to a new studio job at Wizard Recording in LA as staff engineer. Another move to Sound City followed, and then a switch to working in a TV Post-Production audio job at SunWest Studios in Hollywood where he eventually started working in cartoon sound. Bill married Judy Hatton in 1989. With friend and business partner Jim Hodson he started Advantage Audio in Burbank in 1990 where he continued to specialize in audio for animation, earning 5 Emmys in the process. He retired in 2006, leaving LA to live on Lake Keowee in northwest SC, and is there today.

He now plays electronic drums, but isn't currently with a band. For a few years he played with Shawn James. You can see concert video HERE.

JAMES A. A. PABARUE  or Pabs to his friends, still lives in the Philadelphia area, married to wife, Eleanore (whom he was dating while he played in the band), has 2 grownup children, and is a founding partner in the law firm of Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young. He has had over 30 years of experience and represents a wide variety of commercial clients, non-profit organizations and individuals in litigation matters. His practice areas include commercial litigation, insurance coverage litigation, employment disputes and criminal matters. Mr. Pabarue also chairs the firm’s Employment Practices Department and advises and represents employers in employment matters. 

BILL HAYWARD currently plays music with several local bands, including a swing jazz band (Flyin' Home), an alt-roots-jug band (The Obsoleets), and a power trio (DT and the Burnerz). After Duck Soup he formed Cafe Ole' with guitarists Ron Smith and Sam Crothers and drummer John Morgan, playing a mix of originals and covers. In the early ‘80s he played with The Bigs, a South Street-based pop band led by songwriter/artist Dean Rohrer. When that last band broke up, a 15 year hiatus from playing ensued, during which time he was sound engineer at the famed Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia and various clubs and studios. A short stint as a music therapist was followed by a return to playing out. Bill has three wonderful daughters and lives in Delaware County with his wife Suzanne. His company Bill Hayward Productions offers audio services for corporate AV, live sound reinforcement, and autobiographical videos. 

Read Bill’s Duck Soup retrospective HERE.

BILL “BICEY” FERGUSON married Addie Lee Cox, and moved to Fresno, CA, where they raised a son and a daughter. He spent the last 30 years coaching youth hockey, with his team winning 2 state championships, of which he is most proud. He also coached athletes who have gone on to play junior hockey, college hockey and even the NHL. He still golfs whenever possible, but his favorite pastime is big game hunting in the Sierras pursuing wild boar or mule deer in “God’s Country” -- rugged terrain between 6,000 and 13,000 feet in altitude.  


Bicey wrote his own version of the chronicle of the band -- View From The Brass Section -- that you can see HERE.

TONY WALDMAN is now living in West Chester, Pa., and can be reached at


Tony isn’t actively playing music in public these days, but still has fond memories of his time in the band: “Duck Soup was a great band and the greatest musical experience I've ever had. All of its members will always be in my heart.”


Photo was taken by Ken Brown who has been friends with Bicey since the 70's. Ken also plays bass and plays in bands in the greater Philadelphia area.

SAMMY DIPIETROANTONIO Hasn’t been reachable yet to comment on this site, but we know he has been pursuing his sax playing in Philadelphia with THE FABULOUS PHILADELPHIA MOJO KINGS DANCE BAND, because we found him on ReverbNation ( 


Hey Sammy... drop us a note!

PAUL BIONDI has been a busy guy since the demise of the band, and is now living in Eugene, OR, involved with many musical endeavors including performance, recording and education. There’s really too much to list here, so take a look at the Bio on his website:

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