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Shortly after the 2 appearances on The Joe Bavaresco had aired, the band met with one of the video engineers from the cable-access TV station to get copies of these performances. They were duplicated to 3/4” U-Matic tapes, and -- with no way to play them (we’re talking pre-VHS here) -- they were boxed up and largely forgotten. Bill carried them around from place to place for years, and eventually worked at a studio with the required video equipment. They were digitized, and later uploaded to YouTube, where they are now available for the world to enjoy (although the videos have only garnered a few hundred views so far). The slates at the start of each video estimate the performance date happened in 1979, but 1978 is the better guess.

This was the band in a live performance -- all one take -- just like you would have seen them play in concert. Enjoy!

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